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Just this week we received a Top-Rated Service Center for 2022! Since our mission is to offer you honest, quality vehicle repair at a price that’s fair, and getting designations like these help us see we are meeting our mission. Thank You. 


In order to continue to serve you in this blog post we are sharing a bit about brakes.


Every single driver on the road should know for certain just how important it is to take their car in for a regular brake inspection. Mesa AZ is home to Accurate Automotive, which would like to provide drivers with some valuable insight into why regular brake inspections are so important. Accurate Automotive is firm in the opinion that knowledge is power when it comes to car repair and maintenance. It is precisely this philosophy that motivates Accurate Automotive to share this article on brakes with East Valley drivers. Drivers should take a moment to peruse this article so that they may better understand their brakes.


First of all, when it comes to the functionality and safety of a car, there is little that is more important than the brakes. A car with bad brakes is extremely dangerous. It doesn’t take much to understand that a fast-moving car without the capacity to stop is a recipe for disaster. The best way for drivers to avoid such a situation is to stay on top of proper brake maintenance. After all, if drivers do not maintain their brakes personally, then who will? And not only is maintaining brakes important to driver safety, but it is important to the safety of every other driver and pedestrian on the road.


It is critical for drivers to have their brakes looked at if they hear anything out of the ordinary when they apply pressure to their brakes.

Most often, the sound that raises concern for drivers is that of metal rubbing on metal. This sound can indicate any number of issues. For instance, it might be that the brake caliper mounting bolts have gotten loose. Or there may be an issue with the rotor surfaces. Or it may be that your brake pads need replacing. The important thing is that you need to have somebody check your brakes who knows precisely what to look for. Only a trusted technician should examine a car’s brakes, as drivers do not want anything overlooked.


Brakes need servicing for a number of reasons. Most commonly, just regular use of the brakes gives cause for regular maintenance. Simply using the brakes wears down the pads so regular brake pad replacement becomes a necessity. Brake pads also become problematic and may require replacing if they become soaked with oil or gas. Likewise, rust causes problems and brakes may need to be replaced if rust has set in. Drivers will generally be able to feel when there are problems with their brakes because the car will not slow down as smoothly as it should.


If any noticeable decrease in stopping power is observed, drivers should immediately seek attention for their brakes.


Even drivers who do not notice any problems with their brakes should take their cars in for a brake inspection at least once a year. When so much rests on the proper functioning of the brakes, drivers simply cannot afford to forego regular brake inspection. Mesa AZ residents are in luck because Accurate Automotive provides the best in brake service and repair. With over 31 years in the business, Accurate Automotive has developed a reputation for customer service and affordable rates.


We appreciate your support over the years! If you are new to Arizona or are just in need of a vehicle repair shop we want to help. Accurate Automotive offers honest, quality vehicle repair at a price that’s fair. We have been in Mesa, Arizona since 1992 and are happy to offer you a free ride home while we diagnose and repair your vehicle. 


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We hope we helped take some of the mystery out of vehicle service and repair. 


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