Accurate Automotive works with schools, sports teams, churches, boys and girls clubs and other non-profit organizations to help kids raise funds for worthwhile activities.

This Accurate Automotive Discount Certificate is available as our gift, when you make donations of $39 or more to such organizations. The discount certificate is also available for retail purchase though this website.

Discount Care GraphicIf you are offered this discount certificate directly from a young person representing such an orgainization, it is REAL. This certificate can instantly save you many hundreds of dollars on your auto repair needs, and you can know that approximately 80% of the proceeds go to support non-profit organizations for kids in YOUR neighborhood.

You can purchase as many as you like, give them as gifts, and even allow your friends and acquaintences to use individual discounts tabs from your card - but keep your eye on the expiration date (on the back of each certificate).

This care can save you up to $690.00 on the top 15 services that are most frequently required for any vehicle. We are proud to offer this savings opportunities to our new customers, our current customers, to students, schools and groups. Please dont hesitate to ask for clarification on this special offer.