1. Describe the Problem - To the best of your ability, tell us what you think is wrong with your car. Also, if this is your first visit to Accurate Automotive, give us additional important information like how long will you plan to keep the car and how often you use it.
  2. Diagnose the Problem - We will inspect your car, including attaching it to electronic equipment, to try to determine what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing. We will disclose all issues that are found, propose immediate repairs with a cost estimate, and suggest future maintenance schedule as appropriate.
  3. Authorize Repairs - When you are comfortable with the diagnosis, the repair plan, and our cost estimate, we will require your permission to proceed with the repairs.
  4. Order and Receive Parts - Accurate Automotive has its own parts department stocked with the most common parts and supplies required for automotive maintenance. Other "non-inventory" parts are orderd from qualified suppliers and are usually recieved within hours.
  5. Arrange for a Rental Car - If the repair time will cause a major disruption, the shop can help you make arrangements for a rental, usually at special shop rates. If your car is under warranty, a rental car may be covered.
  6. Complete Repairs - We will complete the services you have authorized.
  7. Pick Up Your Car - When repairs are finished, we will contact you to pick up your car.