Many factors go into choosing an auto repair service that is exactly right for you and there is a lot to consider before you make a decision.

Reputation: There is no more important or reliable indicator of your future repair experience than the way a shop has treated its previous customers. BBB AccreditedCustomers don't have to be "experts" to know if they have been treated fairly and repairs have been completed competently. Look for testimonials from real people.

ASE CertifiedCredentials: Certifications and Associations. Professional certifications reassure consumers that the shop and its staff have received appropriate training and testing to correctly perform the necessary repair tasks. ASE is the most widely accepted certifying organization in the industry. Industry suppliers, like NAPA, also provide training and testing support through their dealers. Association memberships may additionally require the business to subscribe to a code of ethics and commit itself to binding arbitration should a dispute arise between the customer and the shop. ASA and BBB are the most appropriate of these associations.

Written Warranty: A written warranty affirms the shop's confidence in its work and defines its commitment to meeting specific levels of work quality. The duration of the warranty varies based on the repair performed.

Special Auto Repair Services: Some shops offer auto repair services that make the repair experience more pleasant or simple. You may require special services like transmissions, emissions, etc. Inquire if the repair shop is able to handle a wide variety of repairs for a most major makes and models.

Appearance and Environment: A great deal about a shop's commitment to its customers is disclosed by the shop's appearance and the way it "feels." Cleanliness counts, and so does a relaxed environment.

More About ASE Certification - National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

ASE tests and certifies auto repair professionals in all main practical areas of car maintenance. With virtually 400,000 expert professionals, the ASE program has national recognition. ASE-licensed professionals will be found at reputable indepenent auto repair shops everywhere.

ASE certifies the practical competence of individual technicians. Before undergoing ASE certification tests, many technicians will attend specialized classes or otherwise brush up on their education. ASE-practiced technicians demonstrate their precise competence to themselves and to their customers. Moreover, store owners and managers who support their employees to qualify can be counted on to take good care of their customers.

About 100,000 technicians take ASE tests each year at over 750 locations. Mechanics who qualify in one exam and finish a 2-year work experience requirement become ASE-certified. Those who fulfill an array of exams (and satisfy the experience required) earn Master Technician class. ASE requires technicians to re-qualify every 5 years to keep up with technology. All ASE credentials have expiration dates.

There are unique exams covering all major areas of car maintenence. There are eight tests for vehicle technicians only: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions.

Repair establishments with at least one ASE technician are allowed to exhibit the ASE emblem. Each ASE professional is issued personalized credentials showing his fields of certification and an appropriate shoulder crest. Businesses with a high commitment to ASE (75 percent of personnel qualified) are designated with the "Blue Seal of Excellence" from ASE.

As with other professionals, car repair shops often specialize, so please ask the store manager for a technician who is expert in the appropriate field, say, brakes, engine work, or air conditioning.

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