What to expect after you drop off your vehicle


Often times taking care of our vehicle service and repair is new and we don’t know what to expect. In this article, we will be taking some of the mystery out of our service and helping you feel confident about making Accurate Automotive in Mesa, Arizona your full-service auto shop of choice. 


Our communication typically begins when you visit our website or call  (480) 890-0409 and schedule your vehicle service time drop-off. 


On your scheduled day and time, you will park your vehicle in the “Customer Drop Off” reserved space in the front of the shop. Come into the shop, give us your name, confirm your vehicle’s service or issue and give us your keys. For your convenience, we offer you a free ride within 20 miles, so there is no need to call an Uber, Lyft, or arrange for a ride. Our driver will drive you home while our automotive professional takes care of your vehicle. 


We begin our vehicle service by test-driving your vehicle. During this test drive we are looking for the issue you brought your vehicle in for and we are also performing our inspection. At Accurate Automotive we perform a complimentary multi-point inspection on every vehicle. We believe in offering the best service and because of this we trust you will make us your full-service auto repair shop of choice so we get to know your vehicle and give you honest and in-depth professional opinions. Our motto is “Friends… serving friends” since 1992. 


During the second part of our multi-point inspection, we check your vehicle’s engine fluids. Among the engine fluids, we check are: 

  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid

Our Professional takes a photo of your vehicle’s dab-lube tray which is where your vehicle’s engine fluids are tested. This photo along with photos of your vehicle during our inspection are included in your vehicle’s file and printed in your inspection report.

We then move on to the filter-checking portion of the vehicle inspection. We check engine filters inside the engine cabin and include our findings in your report. 

Our technician finishes our Accurate Automotive multi-point vehicle inspection with our tire inspection portion. During this portion, we check the tire pressure and the thread. We notate these findings in our digital top-of-the-line program. 

Finally our auto professional reviews his findings, photos, and notes. They will make a professional recommendation and submit your file to the front office. 

Our front office staff will then call you and review our findings with you, make our professional recommendations, and move forward with the repairs you approve. 


Our certified technicians work hard to get you back on the road safely and quickly. When your vehicle is complete we can shuttle you to our shop at 441 S Robson in Mesa, Arizona 85210. You will receive a printout of your vehicle’s multi-point inspection with photos of your vehicle. Finally, you can pay for your repairs and drive home in your reliably repaired vehicle! 


We hope this article helped you feel comfortable in choosing Accurate Automotive as your quality vehicle repair shop today and in the future. You can see our video where we showcase this process on Youtube here:

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/shorts/gFS45aW1gJA

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztISQgypFFE&ab_channel=LeeWeatherby


Our phone number is (480) 890-0409


We are located at 441 S Robson #101 Mesa, AZ 85210


Our website is www.AccurateAutomotiveAZ.com 


For honest quality vehicle repair at a price that’s fair, you can trust Accurate Automotive. 

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