What can cause gasoline odor?

Gasoline odor is also known as the smell of death so you can understand why we were concerned when we got a call from one of our customers who said she was smelling gasoline in her garage after she parked her vehicle inside of it. Her Check Engine light had also just come on. This was something she’d never experienced before. So, she called up her NAPA Service Advisor, Accurate Automotive in Mesa, Arizona and asked what was causing it.

The answer, of course, is that many things can cause a sitting vehicle to smell like gasoline fumes. But it can sometimes be tricky to track down the source, so here are a few things you can look for that may help your NAPA AutoCare Center technician pinpoint the origin of the odor.

Gasoline odors can be caused by a leak somewhere in the fuel system, meaning gasoline can be dripping out. Some possibilities? It could be a break in a fuel line. You could have a leaky fuel-injection line or injector. There’s a vent for your fuel tank that may also leak. The fuel filler neck can wear out and fail. One thing you should look for is to see if there are any puddles of gasoline on the floor of your garage. Any time there is gasoline sitting around, it can be dangerous. Fumes can be a health hazard, and you know gasoline can catch fire if exposed to a flame or spark.

A couple of other causes of gas smells? Your vehicle may have a charcoal canister that stores excess fuel vapor. If it cracks or its seal is damaged, you may smell a strong gasoline odor. This may also cause your Check Engine light to come on. And don’t rule out something as obvious as your gas cap. It may be loose or worn out, so it doesn’t seal the fumes in. A leaky, loose, or missing gas cap may also cause the Check Engine light to come on.

Whatever the cause, if your garage has started to smell strongly of gasoline, call your NAPA AutoCare Center before you attempt to start the vehicle. Fire risk is high, so you may be advised to have your vehicle towed to the service center. Gasoline is the source of your engine’s power. If that power is unleashed in an uncontrolled way, it could hurt or kill you or others around you. We know you want to take care of yourself, and those around you and we want to help you do that so if you smell gas call Accurate Automotive right away! Our phone number is (480) 890-0409

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