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Did you know Accurate Automotive offers service and repair to many different types of vehicles? Many of our customers are surprised to learn we can help them with their diesel vehicles. 

A lot of people are excited about the new diesel engines that are becoming available in passenger cars and SUV’s and they’re curious about the preventive maintenance requirements.  People may not know that diesel engines have long been used extensively in Europe and Asia.  In fact, in some markets, there are nearly as many diesel-powered passenger cars as there are gasoline.

You may ask, why has it taken so long to get in North America? There are a bunch of reasons like fuel tax policies and such, but the biggest hurdle was that North American diesel fuel had a high sulfur content – too high for the latest generation of highly refined diesel engines.  Recent government mandates to remove sulfur now open North America up to the engines the rest of the world’s been enjoying for a long time.

Why are diesel vehicles so popular worldwide?

Well, for starters, diesels get up to 30% better fuel economy than gas engines.  And they last a lot longer.  And modern diesel engines are refined, quiet, and powerful – and there’s none of that black smoke we used to see.

Some people may think that diesels create more pollution. But you need to rethink diesel vehicles.  Environmental pollution standards for diesel cars and light trucks are scheduled to be as strict as they are for gasoline vehicles.  A modern diesel engine is as clean as a gas engine.

And, there is not a lot of trade off’s with diesel in terms of performance.  A modern passenger car diesel is very smooth, quiet, and quick.  Most folks wouldn’t notice any difference.  For those who tow trailers and haul heavy loads, diesel vehicles will be an improvement.

Now diesel engines are heavy-duty, so they cost more than gas engines.  But they get better fuel economy – so the break-even point is largely dependent on the difference between gas and diesel prices at the pump and how many miles you drive.  And diesel vehicles have a higher resale value.

Now, let’s get back to diesel maintenance.

Diesel vehicles do require very clean fuel, air and oil, so their filters are much higher capacity than gasoline filters and cost more.  The engine air filter needs to be changed more frequently as well.

Repair costs are similar.  As with gasoline engines, proper maintenance is the key to long engine life and to avoiding repairs. So pretty much what we have come to expect with gas vehicles; coolant system service, transmission service, power brakes, power steering, differential, filters, fuel system, and so on. And the payoff for you, if you’re the kind that likes to keep your vehicles for a long time, is that a properly maintained diesel engine can last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

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