Tips to cool down your vehicle quicker in this Heat

Tips to cool down your vehicle quicker in this 100+ degree Arizona Summer Weather

Arizona summers are HOT! Right now we are in the middle of summer with three-digit degree days, every day. 

Our motto is “Friends… serving friends” and we want to help our friends with some tips to more quickly cool down your vehicle after it’s been sitting in the sun. 

Watch this video with Lee and Kelli Weatherby, owners of Accurate Automotive, serving the community since 1992. They share some tips and tricks with you to help you cool your vehicle down and enjoy a more comfortable commute.

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When you get in your car, and it’s been parked for a little while, the temperature inside your car can be extremely hot, so what would be the most efficient way to cool it down?


Our car is a hot box, it’s a heat collector, and especially the glass in the car, when the sun is shining right down, glass refracts the heat and it shines right down into our dash, and what’s in the dashboard? Well, that’s where our AC system is. So when we first turn the air conditioning on, if you want to try to help out our air conditioning the best thing we can do is roll down the windows. But even prior to that, the very absolute best thing you can do is put yourself a shield up in the window whenever you park your car. We are to give you a free window shield for your front window at Accurate Automotive, to keep your car cool. 

If you will use it and put the shield in your window, you will cut down on the time it takes for your vehicle to cool down. 

With your air conditioning on, roll down the windows for the first couple of blocks and let the heat exhaust out. The air is not going to be cold coming out of the vents anyway, it’s going to be warm because the heat will have built up with the glass refraction and temperature. 

Let the heat exhaust out, and then roll the windows up and you’ll get colder air for a longer period of time, quicker. 

It’s not realistic to think we can get cold air immediately after we turn on the AC in the vehicle.

With temperatures above 105 degrees, most people think they are going to get 55-degree air out of their car when the temperature is 105, 110, or 112 degrees and it’s not going to happen. 

The best and most efficient that you can get on an automotive air conditioning system, is when everything is efficient like we talked about in this blog post titled “Is your AC blowing warm air? Need more freon?”, and the car itself is in motion. You want the vehicle to be moving so you are using the outside air to push on the condenser to keep it cool, and you want to do that for (3) three to (15) fifteen minutes of continuous motion. 

So if you’re going on a long trip, the air will feel good by the time you’re getting settled into your trip. You want to give your car the opportunity to be able to cool itself and you can use some of these tricks. 

  1. Put a shield up in your window.
  2. Roll your windows down to exhaust the inside cavity of the vehicle
  3. Keep your vehicle serviced.


Tips and tricks from Accurate Automotive from Kelli and Lee Weatherby. Come and see us, we will give you a shield for your car if you want one, we can service and maintain your vehicle from our shop located by downtown Mesa, Arizona. 


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3 Tips to cool down your car quicker in this 100+ degree weather from Lee and Kelli Weatherby Accurate Automotive Mesa, Arizona + Full Service Auto Shop you can trust + Best Auto Shop + 30 years in business + 480 890

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