Proper Vehicle Maintenance Builds Longevity


While it is generally not something that car and truck owners enjoy, vehicle maintenance builds longevity and is thus something every driver should practice.

Many drivers purchase a new car and only take it in for service if and when issues arise. The trouble with this is that by the time a problem is noticeable, the vehicle has likely undergone a burdening amount of wear and tear. By properly maintaining a vehicle, drivers can prevent expensive repairs. In short, practicing vehicle maintenance is a small investment to make for the benefit of prolonging the life of a vehicle. Accurate Automotive is there for Mesa drivers, and gladly takes this opportunity to provide a little insight on vehicle maintenance.

The first place drivers should turn to for advice on vehicle maintenance is the owner’s manual of their vehicle.

The manual will provide a schedule of recommended maintenance steps that drivers can follow. By following this schedule, drivers can ensure that they get the maximum use out of their vehicles.


The following are a few of the maintenance steps that drivers all too frequently overlook.

Replacing the vehicle’s air filter. Failing to regularly perform this maintenance step can cause serious problems with the vehicle’s engine, which will result in a costly repair bill. Simply replacing the filter on a scheduled basis will go a long way to increasing a car’s longevity.
Cleaning the battery posts and cables. When dirt and grime accumulate on battery posts – which inevitably happens – it can prevent the vehicle from starting. Periodically checking the posts and cables is a good idea for all drivers.
Checking the vehicle’s belts. Belts that are worn or loose can lead to serious problems. And the simple fact that belts are working constantly while a car is running leads to normal wear and tear. This problem can be remedied by simply replacing them as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. The technicians at Accurate Automotive can help with this.

Checking the vehicle’s brake pads. All too commonly drivers wait until they hear unusual noises coming from the brakes before checking the pads.

This can lead to more costly problems. Drivers who stay on top of brake pad replacement can save money on brakes in the long run.
Checking the vehicle’s fuel filter. A fuel filter that requires replacement can lead to problems such as poor fuel economy and engine problems. Simply replacing the filter does a lot for the performance of a vehicle.
Replacing spark plugs. Spark plugs must fire properly in order for the vehicle to run optimally. They are cheap to replace and should be replaced before they wear out.
Checking tire pressure and tread. Tires should be replaced before they become dangerous. Moreover, the tire pressure should be checked routinely to prevent uneven wear and alignment issues.
Checking the vehicle’s windshield wipers. During a storm is not the time to notice that the wiper blades need replacement. Replacing wiper blades is an important safety precaution.
Checking the vehicle’s timing belt. This is a big procedure that should definitely be left to the technicians at Accurate Automotive. Most people only have to perform this maintenance step once during the life of their vehicle, but failing to do so can cause serious engine damage.
Change the vehicle’s oil regularly. This was saved for last because it is perhaps the most important thing drivers can do for their cars. Drivers who change their oil every 3,000 miles seriously prolong the life of their vehicles. When a car comes to Accurate Automotive for an oil change, the technicians give it a thorough examination to check for other maintenance that may be required.
Drivers who understand that maintenance builds longevity understand the importance of regular maintenance. Again, vehicle maintenance is one of the best habits drivers can get into.

Maintenance services intervals that we recommend:

Oil and filter service – 3000 miles.
Synthetic oil and filter service – 5000 miles.
Oil and filter service with moa additive – 4000 miles.
Tire rotation and balance – every other oil service.
Alignment check – once a year.
Courtesy check – every oil service. (visual inspection of the entire vehicle and maintenance history check. Includes things like brake condition, tire condition, air filter, belts, hoses, cv axles, exhaust, battery, lights, etc…)
Brake fluid flush – 30,000 miles.
Fuel & air induction service – 30,000 miles.
Cooling system service – 30,000 miles.
Automatic transmission flush – 30,000 miles.
Fuel filter – 30,000 miles. ( if applicable )
Driveline service – 30,000 miles. ( manual transmission, transfer case, transaxle, differential)
Power steering system flush – 30,000 miles.


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