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Accurate Automotive's AirGuard Disinfecting Service to help you stay safe
Read this blog post or watch our linked video to learn about our AirGuard Disinfecting Service at Accurate Automotive. In addition to being a full-service auto shop, we pride ourselves on being a modern repair shop. One of our modern offerings is our state-of-the-art AirGuard Disinfecting Service designed to help you stay safe and keep your vehicle sanitized.

It’s Arizona’s Back to School Season!

We know it’s important to keep your vehicle maintained and have an auto shop you can trust. You can trust us at Accurate Automotive in Mesa, Arizona. 

At Accurate Automotive we have been serving the community since 1992 and would love to continue to serve you and your loved ones. 

If you are new to Arizona we would love to welcome you to our shop and let you know you can count on us for all of your vehicle repair needs.

We offer our new customers 15% off labor (make sure you mention this blog) and we are happy to shuttle you home, to school, or downtown Mesa while we diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Accurate Automotive’s full-service auto shop is located close to Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, and Downtown Mesa. We are a full-service auto shop and we pride ourselves in offering honest quality auto repair at a price that’s fair. 

With reports of diseases such as Covid and Monkeypox, we decided to find a solution. As a modern repair shop, we decided to look for a modern solution. The owner of Accurate Automotive Lee went to a conference where he learned about the AirGuard technology and came up with a solution. The AirGuard Disinfecting System. This unique system helps our customers keep their vehicles sanitized. We hope this will provide you with peace of mind and help you to feel safe as you commute and perform your daily activities.  

If safety and health are a priority for you, we would love to share our AirGuard Disinfecting Service with you. 

Our AirGuard Disinfecting Service is designed for your vehicle. It is a similar system to what the hospitals are using to keep their waiting rooms safe.

This Accurate Automotive AirGuard Disinfecting service is a unique, state-of-the-art sanitation system. It is designed to sanitize and disinfect the air and the surfaces inside of your vehicle.  

To watch a video demonstration of our AirGuard Disinfecting Service click Here.


The AirGuard Disinfecting Service takes 45 minutes. 

Our Auto Shop Professional starts by wiping down the high-use areas. This includes the door handles, the steering wheel, and the shift handle. In order to circulate the air in the vehicle, we then start the vehicle and turn the re-circulate function on. 

After that, we then close your vehicle’s doors. Turn the AirGuard Disinfecting System on, and allow the system to run and completely infiltrate all internal areas of your car, truck, or vehicle. 

Schedule your AirGuard Disinfecting Service at Accurate Automotive by calling (480) 890-0409


(480) 890-0409

How does Accurate Automotive’s AirGuard Disinfective Service Work? Read this infographic or watch the video linked above to learn about our process. Schedule your AirGuard Disinfecting Service by calling (480) 890-0409

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