Even when you’re driving less you need to keep your service schedule

With many Americans working remotely and driving less, there is a common misconception that vehicle service needs to happen less frequently. At Accurate Automotive we pride ourselves in educating our customers and treating them like “Friends… serving friends” and friends would not let other friends make mistakes that can cost them a lot of money. 


It is important you keep your vehicle serviced and maintained even when you are not driving as much. Engine fluids are made up of chemical compositions and these chemicals break down over time so we recommend you check your vehicle’s manual and keep the schedule they suggest, even if you are driving less than in the past. 


Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and not changing it can result in very costly problems down the road. Schedule your oil change by calling our Accurate Automotive Shop at (480) 890-0409. While we are changing your oil we will check your other engine fluids and let you know what we find so you can keep your vehicle on the road safely and reliably. 


You can trust us to offer you honest, quality vehicle service and repair at a price that’s fair.


We are a family-owned business since 1992 and we want to partner with you and take care of your vehicles for life so we value your trust and do what’s right for you every time. 


We are located in the heart of Mesa, Arizona between Country Club and Broadway and we are happy to shuttle you home, to work, or to school while we diagnose, service, and repair your vehicle. 


441 S Robson #101 Mesa, Arizona 85210


(480) 890-0409



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