Do you you have engine belt issues?

How do you know if you have engine belt issues?

Is your vehicle making unusual squeaking noises while you’re driving?

 More often than not, drivers know when their belts require attention because their vehicle makes an unusual squeaking noise when driven.  These noises can sound like chirping or squeaking noises. These noises should always be addressed and you should give us a call at (480) 890-0409 so we can diagnose your vehicle and ensure your issue is in fact a belt issue. If it is our ASE Certified technicians will offer you repair or replacement recommendations and we will move forward with your approved repairs. As always we are happy to give you a ride within 20 miles of our shop by downtown Mesa, Arizona. 


If you have your vehicle serviced at Accurate Automotive we are happy to check your belts and hoses with your vehicle service. We take great pride in partnering with our customers and helping them maintain their vehicle’s longevity by offering honest, quality vehicle repair at a price that’s fair. We are a family-owned and operated shop and are proud of our 5-star Google Rating and our over 350 Reviews. 


Our motto is “Friends… serving friends” so for our friends and customers who are comfortable under their own hoods, we recommend checking your vehicle’s engine belts once a month. 


The best time to examine a vehicle’s belts is when the car or truck’s engine is cool before it has been running for a period of time.  Each of the vehicle’s belts can then be checked for cues that replacement is necessary.  When examining the belts, drivers should look for things such as cracking in the rubber, vehicle fluids that have accumulated on the belt itself, accumulation of rubber particles on the belt pulleys, and worn-out grooves on the underside of the belt.  Any of these signs are good indicators that the belts need replacing.  The tension should also be checked to ensure that the belts are neither too tight nor too loose.  Drivers who are not comfortable performing this inspection should have the technicians at Accurate Automotive do so for them.


It is unfortunate that so many drivers neglect to inspect their vehicle’s belts or have them inspected by a professional.  Overlooking this simple maintenance step can cost drivers dearly.  Accurate Automotive highly recommends that drivers incorporate belt and hose inspections into their vehicle maintenance program, mention it next time you call us to schedule your next vehicle service by calling: 

(480) 890-0409

You can also email as at

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