Are you having a hard time stopping?

Brake pads/shoes can’t last forever!! Now that School Sessions have Started back and many of us are in Parent Pick Up Lines, it is more important then ever to have the peace of mind your Brakes are in tip top working order!! Reserve time with us. Let Accurate Automotive, Inc. in the heart of Mesa, AZ keep you and your loved ones SAFE.

Why is my “a/c blowing warm air”?

A/C systems blow warm air for a variety of reasons. A few of these could be low charge on freon, vent door operations not working properly, and/or a compressor failure.
Efficient A/C systems in a vehicle will usually produce air that is 30 – 40 degrees cooler than outside temperature. When diagnosing an a/c system one of the top priorities would be to check the level of freon in the system. Visual inspections will confirm needed components such as belts and hose,that they are in good operating condition. In order to properly measure the amount of freon in a system special tools and equipment are required. It will need to be evacuated, measured, and weighed. A qualified licensed a/c technician will then determine the course of action required to repair the system.

Does regular Routine Maintenance REALLY help me in the long run?

Routine Maintenance extends the life of your vehicle! Keeping Accurate and Timely records of your Vehicle is critical to budgeting for the expense of owning and operating the Tool we use for Traveling, Keeping Appointments, Grocery Shopping, and many other obligations we all have. Here at Accurate Automotive, Inc. our purpose is to assist in piece of mind, to listen and understand the goal with regards to how many more seasons keeping your current Vehicle is possible. Does it still service you/your family in the best way possible? If the answer is YES then please allow us to do the Maintenance recommended for our Extreme Weather State, Arizona.